The problem with factory dog foods

Most pet foods will claim they are nutritionally balanced, but look at the source of the minerals in these factory foods. Regarding minerals in pet foods, PetMD website states “The bulk of the minerals used in pet foods typically come in pre-combined powdered mixes. It is not reasonable to source minerals only from raw ingredients because they are less likely to survive processing. This is why you will see many chemical names on a bag of dog food.”

In order to for minerals to survive processing and to stay price competitive, most pet foods companies are forced to use products such as magnesium oxide, which our pet’s bodies are barely able to use. Oxides are essentially a rock form of these minerals, which have difficulty being assimilated. Imagine eating a penny and expecting your body to absorb copper! Additionally, these mass produced foods may contain chelated minerals with a variety of bonding agents in the form of carbonates, citrates, sulfates and phosphates. The differences between man-made chelates and nutritional ionic minerals are detailed below.