Chelated vs Ionic Minerals

  • Chelated minerals are essentially minerals that are bound to a living component or amino acid. They are designed in laboratories to essentially trick an organism into accepting the amino acid along with the attached mineral. While it is possible that some chelates are more easily absorbed, in most instances chelates and non-chelated minerals have the same rate of absorption.
  • Ionic Minerals differ from both chelated and colloidal minerals. Ionic minerals are not designed in a lab and do not need to be chelated in order to be effective. These minerals carry an electrical charge, and in this form are immediately absorbed without intermediate processing. Ionic minerals are dissolved in a liquid, rather than just suspended in liquid. This gives ionized minerals the ability to be more easily absorbed into the blood stream and body cells. Research has shown that a body is able to selectively absorb and utilize ionized minerals. This means pets that are given these types of minerals are able to utilize the minerals they need, when they need them.