JAX All Natural Supplement

Our all natural supplement is guaranteed Non-GMO and wasn’t designed in a lab. JAX is provided by Mother Nature to offer the ionic trace minerals and magnesium your pet’s diet is missing.

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JAX Happy Pets

Improved bone and joint health means you’ll have a more playful pup or frisky feline, no matter the age of your pet.
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Suzanne from WI
February 8, 2018

I have been giving this supplement to my 3 year old border collie for a little over a month. He has been doing great since we started. He seems to be less anxious and I love that it is all natural!

Penny from Wisconsin
July 6, 2017

Our 15 year old border collie, Sally, was slowing down in her old age. Since we started adding JAX to her water she runs and prances around like a dog half her age.

JAX Healthy Pets

Our pH balancing ionic trace mineral supplement supports cardiovascular health, strengthens the immune system and aids in necessary muscle and nerve functions.
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